Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hexagon Box for a little Elegance

I don't know what it is about a hexagon or octagon box that says "elegance" to me. Maybe it harkens back to the days when ladies wore hats and kept them in fancy hat boxes in their closets.  I've wanted to make one of these for quite some time now, and I finally had time over the holiday weekend to get it started.

I didn't think I'd be able to get this posted so early today, but we had a bit of excitement in our house late last night. When I went to let my dogs out for the last potty break of the night, a bird flew right in the front door!  I have lots of baskets hanging from the beams on my family room ceiling, and he was apparently hiding in one of them while I searched high and low throughout the house for him.  I finally gave up and went to bed, only to hear a huge "crash" when he knocked a brass "basket" from the ceiling and it hit the hardwood floor.  My son and I spent about 20 minutes trying to herd him toward one of 2 open doors while the temperature in the house dropped to about 30 degrees, but we finally got him out around 1:30 am, and I went to bed.  Unfortunately, the adrenaline was pumping and I was wide awake, soooo....

I finished this little box, wrote a post for it and went to bed.  Note to self: when you write at 2AM, you make a LOT of mistakes, including not adding any links to the files! I won't do that again.  I had to totally rewrite this one this morning.

Anyway, I'm thrilled with the outcome, and I hope you will be, too.  It was a difficult box to get a good photo of, but I think you can get the general idea from this one, though it looks a bit distorted.  It's much prettier in person.

Note: The lid of this box fits tightly, but it does fit.  When you're putting it together, go a little tight on the bottom of the box, and not so tight on the lid.  You'll also notice that there are tabs on the 6 top pieces.  Those of you who have made my boxes before know that I hate raw edges on them, so these tabs are to reinforce the top edge.  Put the 6 sides together first, then fold the tabs in to the inside and burnish well to make sure the adhesive sticks.

As always, I love comments, so please leave me one below if you download the file. And if you haven't noticed yet, I've added a Gallery where I'm posting all of my project photos in one place, along with links to the original posts - and files.  If you send me a photo of a project you made with one of my files, you just might find it featured in my Gallery!

Enjoy the new box, and have a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Cartridges Used: George, Accent Essentials
Hexagon Box file for Design Studio
Hexagon Box file for Gypsy

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My blog got a New Year's facelift!

Most of you know that I've only had this little blog for about 6 weeks, and I used ready-made backgrounds and other elements to start with so I could get up and running in a hurry.  Being the creative type like all of you are, and not wanting to have a blog that looked like anyone else's, I have been doing a little research on how to design my own.  Well, today I really spent the "rump time" at my computer and put together a whole new look, and I have to say that I'm pretty darn happy with the outcome! I still have some tweaking to do to some little things that will likely drive me crazy until they're fixed, but overall, I think I have a look that I'll stick with - at least for a few months.

I want to thank the desingers that I got the "papers" and other elements from to put my page together.  Amanda over at has some gorgeous stuff, and she's also a very good photogrpaher who gives tutorials on her site sometimes.  Be sure to check her out.  I also want to thank Carrie Stevens at Creative Complexions.  I got most of the elements I used from her site.  Both ladies offer free downloads.

So, now that I have the blog all spiffed up, what about a new file?  Well.....I just so happen to have one almost ready to share with you.  It's an elegant little hexagon-shaped box. Think miniature hat box.  I have some final details to work on, but I will have it ready for you as my New Year's gift tomorrow afternoon, so come back to check it out. I think you'll like it!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tall Box Trio

I know I promised to get this posted this morning, but converting to Gypsy gave me some trouble, and I didn't want you Gypsy ladies to feel left out, so it took me a little longer than I anticipated. 

These boxes came about as a result of a special request from Regina over on the Cricut message boards. She needed a tall box for the bottles from Bath and Body Works that she was giving for Christmas gifts.  I liked the one I designed for her so much, that I played around with it and came up with 2 more lid versions. I also love that it's adjustable for items of different heights.  The three boxes in the photo are all cut the same size, but the deep lid allows for taller items.  Don't you just love things that are versatile?!

I have included a tutorial, although the assembly is really very easy, only because there are some little tabs for the top edge of the box so there won't be raw edges.  I don't like raw edges on my boxes because it makes them less sturdy, and I think they look more "professional" with finished edges.  The tabs are to be folded to the inside and adhered down. There's a short tutorial with photos so it will be clear what to do with the tabs.

You will need two full sheets of 12"x12" cardstock for this box. You will also need the George cartridge for the box with scalloped edge lid, and George and Plantin Schoolbook for the rick-rack and flower lids.

If you download this file, please do leave a comment below. It is much appreciated, and it inspires me to create more projects to share!

Cartridges: George, Plantin Schoolbook
Tall Box Trio files for DS
Tall Box Trio files for Gypsy

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas to my readers!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that Santa was very good to you!  I got my Christmas present months ago when my husband let my buy and USE my Gypsy early.  Isn't he the best?!  He thinks the Cricut is awesome, so he pretty much lets me have anything I want that's Cricut-related, even though we're currently paying off my daughter's November wedding and my son's tution is due this month.  My family is healthy, my husband and I both have jobs, and I have all next week off to play! I am very blessed, indeed!

We had a wonderful two days in our hometown with both families, and I never even went near a computer - or (gasp) anything crafty.  I'm home now, and I have a few things left to do before our Christmas celebration Sunday with my daughter and her new husband, but I'm ready to get back to my Cricut! 

I have an adorable little box to share with you tomorrow. I call it my "tall box," and it has 3 different lid options in one file.  It was a special request from Regina over on the Cricut message boards who needed a box that would hold the bottles from Bath and Body Works that she was giving for Christmas.  I designed this box for her, and I love it so much that I'm going to share it with all of you.  The picture seen here is one that she made with the scalloped lid option (thank you Regina for test cutting it!)

I have some tweaking to do before I pass it along - you know what a perfectionist I am.  I plan to have it ready to share with you by tomorrow morning, so please be sure to check back to download it.  As always, it will be available in Design Studio and Gypsy format.

Happy Holidays and Cricut Kisses!

To see post with links to files for this projects, click here.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I've been featured! SO excited about my new venture!

Believe it or not, every once in a while, I do take a break from my Cricut.  Recently I made my very first digital scrapbook, and it's been featured in The Friday Five at!  If you haven't heard about Scrapblog, let me tell you about my first experience with them:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Need a last minute gift? Fill this little TAKEOUT BOX with goodies!

I made my annual batch of peppermint bark today, and then I realized that I needed something to put small batches in for a few people, so....I went to my craft room and came out with this little cutie!  It's shaped like the traditional Chinese takeout box, but it's constructed a little more simply, and it's so easy to make that you don't even need a tutorial!  Just score, fold and adhere the bottom and side, add an optional ribbon handle and you're done!  I whipped up 5 in about 30 minutes, start to finish.  The file doesn't include holes for the ribbon so that you can use it without if you'd rather.  I just used a 1/8" hole punch on mine, but you can use an awl or paper piercer, or you can use a standard punch for larger ribbon.

Please be so kind as to leave a comment below if you download this file! :)

Cartridge: George and Basic Shapes
Takeout Box file for Design Studio
Takeout Box file for Gypsy

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Princess Crown Box

My inspiration for this box was a Lindt Truffles Christmas box, and yes, I bought the box of truffles just to bring it home and use it as a design reference. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!  Anyway, I've had it for a week, but I hadn't had time to really tackle it until today.  We're literally snowed in here with about 10" of snow, so I figured today was the day, and I've been in my craft room ALL day!

I'm SO happy with this box that I'm considering it my "crowning achievement."  I gave it its name because it reminds me of the top of those puffy crowns, and my daughter has always loved Disney princesses, so I named it in her honor. 

This box isn't one that you'll want to use if you need to make a lot of them because it's both labor and materials intensive, but the results are so stunning that it's definitely worth the effort and card stock, and the ooohs and ahhhs that you're sure to get from the recipients won't hurt either.

For best results, you need heavy cardstock, because this is a large box, measuring 4.5" square on the bottom and sides.  It will take two 12"x12" sheets for the box and one 6"x11" piece of coordinating card stock for the closure. You will also need either tag board or a piece of heavy weight acetate for the template to make the curved score marks.  I used a piece of plastic from a retail bubble packaged item. It's thick enough to withstand lots of scoring without becoming misshapen and giving you distorted score marks.  It helps if you have the deep cut blade and housing for your Cricut to cut the template, but you should have good results using the multi-cut function if you don't. The only cartridge you need is George.

I've zipped the cut files together with a detailed tutorial with photos, so please give it a try, and let me know if you find the tutorial helpful or if something isn't clear so I can change it where needed.  If you run into any trouble at all, please e-mail me, and I'll be happy to try to help.

Cartridge: George and Basic Shapes

Friday, December 18, 2009

FREE Cricut Cutting Guide - 448 materials tested!

Having trouble figuring out which settings to use when you're cutting with your Cricut? Does one kind of cardstock cut perfectly when the blade is at 4 but barely at all when you cut another kind of cardstock?  Well, Megan Gravener over at Above Rubies Studio has done all the testing for you and put together the most comprehensive guide I've seen anywhere. She tested 448 different materials and gives you the settings for each one!  Best of all - it's free!  All you have to do is go to her site, look for the "FREE" button on the top of her page right next to her logo, click it and give her your email, then download it!  Don't be surprised if you find something else of interest while you're there!

Above Rubies Studio - FREE Cricut Cutting Guide

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Leftovers...already???

Yes, I already have Christmas leftovers!  If you made the sliding window box that I posted yesterday, you noticed that you had a cute little leftover rounded square with a star in the middle.  Well, waste not, want not, right?  So I made a quick little Christmas card from them!  And since it's a star, you could use it any time of year if you use other paper, and you would have a beautiful gift box and matching card for a birthday, graduation or someone who just got a big promotion - anyone who's a star!

I used 1/2 sheet of 8.5"x11" cardstock for the card base, and cut the layer 3/8" smaller than the card front.  I sponged the edges of both the die cut and the green cardstock, then I distressed the edges of the green.  I used Stickles just inside the star to give it some bling.  The ribbon is tied in my signature half-bow.  You just tie a bow like normal, but when you pull the second loop through, pull it all the way until the tail comes out and then tighten.  It's so easy and elegant, but it looks a little less "frilly" than a bow. Give it a try!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ghirardelli Window Box...for gifts or your own treasures

UPDATE:  Here is a much bettter photo of the box.  I have also put together a tutorial to help you put it together since the dividers may not be obvious.  I also give a little trick to getting the lid together just right!  If you already downloaded the DS or Gypsy file, you can just click on the same link at the bottom of this post and it will take you to the folder where you can download the tutorial. 

I have always loved those fancy boxes with windows to give you a peek of what's inside.  As a girl, my dad often brought candy to my sister and me, and I used to save the prettier boxes for my "treasures."  Windowed boxes were always my favorites, so it's not much of a surprise that I'd eventually design a box with a window in it.  I didn't design this box with Ghirardelli sqauares in mind, but what a stroke of luck that they are a perfect fit! (I just happened to have some on my craft table.) Tuck the ends of the wrapper towards the back, and you can fit them 2 deep, for a total of 8 squares. You can also opt to leave out the dividers and use the box for anything else you might be giving that's beautiful enough to display.

I highly recommend that you use a heavier card stock for this since the size of it makes it too flimsy if you don't.  The lid also holds up to sliding it off and on better if it's a little heavier. You'll also need a piece of acetate measuring about 4"x4".  I save the "windows" from store packaging just for projects like this.  I have a whole stash of it!  Aren't I a good little recycler?  If you don't have any of that on hand, raid your scrapbooking, school or office supplies, and use a page protector.

I've posted 4 other projects in the last few days, so if you've missed them, be sure to scroll down and take a look at the archives, too.  They are all suitable for great little Christmas gifts!

Cartridge: George and Basic Shapes
Divided Slider Box file for Design Studio
Divided Slider Box for Gypsy

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bowtie Box might be my new favorite!

If you remember, this was on the list of projects in my recent poll, and it didn't even come close to winning.  It wasn't even complete at that time, but I spent late Sunday afternoon working on it, and I'm so happy with the results that I decided to post it next anyway!  I don't think you will be disappointed.  You'll only need the George cartridge to make the box.  If you want to make the mittens that I used to adorn it, you'll need Joys of the Season, too, but I've put those on a separate page so you don't have to cut them at all.  Use the cartridges you have to adorn it any way you like or for an occasion other than Christmas.

As always, I'd love it if you'd leave a comment if you download it, and I would really love to see your creations with my files, so send me your photos!

Still a few more projects on the list to post, so stay tuned for more!  TTFN!

Cartridges: George (box), Joys of the Season (optional mitten accents)

Monday, December 14, 2009

A THANK YOU gift to my followers!

I can't believe it, but I hit 100 followers last night, and I'm one day short of my one-month blog-iversary! Yep, tomorrow will mark exactly one month since I posted my first blog.  Thanks so much to all of you who have subscribed, followed, and left such kind messaages. I am a teacher in a past life, and once a teacher, always a teacher, so sharing what I love comes naturally, but your support and encouragement is icing on the cake and keeps me creating!

So, to thank those of you who check me out regularly, I thought I'd share a little secret with you.  If you scroll down a little on the right column, you'll see buttons for Design Studio, Gypsy, and SCAL.  Those are the buttons that will take you directly to all of my files that are ready to download -and there are already some there that are yet to be revealed.  I have 2 waiting in the wings for tomorrow and Wednesday, but you can get them NOW!  So, take a little "shopping trip" through my files for whatever format you use, and get a jump on more Christmas crafting!  As always, they're FREE! Just leave me some LOVE (comments)!

Cricut Kisses!!

Put a little "heart" in your gift card giving

If you're an Orbit gum chewer, you might recognize this little box since it was my inspiration.  It's the perfect size for a gift card - or two or three - and it makes more of a statement than a drab old envelope.  The heart cutouts can easily be removed if you like, or you can even replace them with a shape of your choice.  I like to give some people several diffferent types of gift cards, so I made this box to hold them all.  Just tuck them inside and tie with a bow!  Now you have NO excuse for not giving your gift cards in style!

Cartridge: George and Basic Shapes
Gift Card Box With Hearts file for Gypsy

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday BONUS - Andes Mint Box!

It's rainy and cold here today, and I should be doing much needed housework, but instead I've spent the day in my craft room making little goodies for my co-workers and people like the postman, nail tech, etc.  You all responded so enthusiastically about my Nuggets Box that I thought you might like my new version of it...introducing The Andes Mint Box!  Someone from the UK gave me the idea when she mentioned putting mints in the nuggets box, and I just happened to have a bunch of the Andes mints in the house, so here it is - slightly larger and sized to perfectly nestle 12 mints inside. I've layed it out so you can cut 2 full boxes from one 12x12 sheet of cardstock, with a 2nd page for the optional decorative wrappers.  It's my bonus pre-Christmas gift to all of you who have become followers and given me so much loving and encouraging feedback.  Enjoy!

Cartridge: George and Basic Shapes
Andes Mint Box file for Design Studio
Andes Mint Box file for Gypsy

When the weather outside is frightful...

...make up a few of these little cards for your friends and family and tuck a package of hot chocolate inside.  This was your third place choice in my recent poll, so here it is, ready for you to make!  They're quick and easy, and you will only need the George cartridge.  Enjoy, and keep watching for more projects you can use for Christmas.  I have more coming very soon!

Cartridge: George and Basic Shapes

Thursday, December 10, 2009

And the 2nd place winner is....

...the Nuggets Box - one of my favorite things to make and give to people. In fact, I keep several cut and ready to fill and give.  They are perfect little stocking stuffers, and great to leave on the restaurant table with your tip during the holidays or any time.  There's only one problem with making these; they hold just three beautifully wrapped Hershey's Nuggets, so you either have to make a lot of them to give away or you have to eat the leftovers in the bag!  The only cartridge you need for this projects is George.

Note: If you missed the Santa Triangle box when I posted it earlier, just scroll down to the last post and you'll find the links to the files.

Tomorrow I'll post the Mug Pouch Card, so pick up some hot chocolate pouches when you go shopping for the nuggets and come back tomorrow night.  TTFN!

Cartridge: George and Basic Shapes
Nuggets Box file for Design Studio
Nuggets Box file for Gypsy

Santa Clause is Coming To Town!

As promised, here is the winning project from my poll.  I had forgotten how really cute he was until I made another one this year. 

Design Studio users will have the box on both pages 4 and 5. One is with holes for ribbon, and the other is in case you want to make it without.  Sorry Gypsy users - there is no way (yet) to hide contour and make it without, so you will only have 4 pages and a box with holes.  Have fun making them!

Cartridges: George, TBBM, PDDU, Mini Monograms
Santa Triangle Box file for Design Studio
Santa Triangle Box file for Gypsy

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Votes Are In!

It's official...69 of you voted, and the winner by only 1 vote is THE SANTA BOX!  Great choice ladies (and gents?)!  He is really adorable.  I'll post the files tomorrow, but if you want to be sure you're ready to make him, gather up the following supplies: green and white cardstock, scraps of red cardstock, ribbon, googly eyes (can substitute hand drawn eyes or black cardstock ones) and goodies to go inside!  I also used a red fine tip marker for his mouth, and a sponge and gray inkpad to ink up the edges on his beard (optional, but it does add dimension).  You'll also need the George, PDDU, TBBM and Mini Monograms cartridges. 

Ok, I can hear all your groans..."Darn! I don't have all those carts!"  So....since this one is so cartridge intensive, and since Christmas is only 16 days away (OMG!), and since I'm so excited about ALL of these projects, I'm going to upload TWO winners tomorrow and ONE on Friday.  Second place goes to the Hershey's Nuggets Box - my personal favorite - and third place goes to the Mug Pouch Card. 

If you aren't already a follower or subscriber, sign up now so you'll be among the first to know when they're posted!  As always, my project files are FREE.  All I ask in "payment" is that you leave me a comment if you use a file.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy....and it encourages me to make more stuff to share!

Click here to see post with files for Santa Box
Click here to see post with files for Nuggets Box

Monday, December 7, 2009

What do YOU want to see next?

The choice is yours!  Which of the projects that I listed on my December 4 post are you most anxious to see?  Scroll down below my posts and take the poll before Wednesday at 5:30 pm, and I'll upload the project that gets the most votes on Thursday night!  And not to make you panic or anthing's only 18 days 'til Christmas!  Craft room here I come!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Scallop Flap Mini Gift Bag

I love this simple little bag and have used it many times for small gifts.  It's useful for everything from jewelry to gift cards to candy.  I like to fill it up with a handful of kisses or other candy for a quick little gift, and I know I'm going to be making lots of them for Christmas gifts.  I hope you'll find it useful for many occasions to come!

Cartridge: George and Basic Shapes

Friday, December 4, 2009

The 21 Days of Christmas

Wow!  Only 21 days until Christmas!  How did December creep up on me so fast??  Luckily, I have a whole list of Christmas projects already under the tree for all of you!  As I promised, I'll be posting lots of projects for DS and Gypsy between now and Christmas, and I decided to give you another little preview list of what's to come.  I just posted the totally gorgeous 3 Kings Boxes that were inspired by Claire Brennan's original design yesterday.  If you missed then, scroll down to yestserday's post and grab the files.  They are so easy to make, yet so impressive. And be sure to visit Claire's blog (link in yesterday's post).  Claire does stunning work!

So, with Christmas just around the corner, I'm going to post my projects a little more often than I have been, so come back tomorrow for a new one.  It will be one of the ones on this list, but in the spirit of waiting with anticipation for Christmas morning, you'll just have to wait to see which one it is!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

3 Kings Boxes Are Here!

Thank you SO much to Claire Brennan over on Splitcoaststampers for allowing me to use her design for this box and create a file for all of my Cricut pals! Please take some time to visit her blog, Waltzingmouse Makes. She is one talented lady and does gorgeous work! I also want to thank Cindy Royal for test cutting - and for giving me the idea on the Cricut message board.

So, without further adieu, here are the files for both DS and Gypsy - in zip format this time so you can get the cut file, tutorial and phots all at once. If you download it, please leave me a comment 'cuz I just love to "meet" new Cricuteers and see what everyone else likes!

Cartridge: George and Basic Shapes
3 Kings Box for DS
3 Kings Box for Gypsy

Don't forget, you can access all of my previously posted files - and some I haven't posted yet - from the links in my sidebar at the right.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


If you do any digital scrapping, check out this adorable little penguin
embellishment. He's a free downlaod!

Click here to go to the designer's page to download him

Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

I thought I would try out a new background for the holiday season, and I found this one that reminded me of Cricuted cutouts, AND it's red (my favorite color!) so here it is!  I'll probably go back to my butterflies, but for now, I kinda like the new "curtains."

(Click on the photo for a better look at it!)
Look for an awesome new box file later in the week (shown above - called the Three Kings box for its "crown" top), thanks to Cindy Royal on the message boards at  She put out a request for someone to make one from a template she had, and even though it was 11:30 PM when I saw her post, I saw BOX and had to give it a go!  She has test cut it and loves it, but I'm waiting for permission from the creator of the original (non-Cricut) design before I post it. Hopefully I will have it to share with all of you very soon, so check back often - or better yet, sign up to follow me!  I have several projects ready to share and will be posting at least one a week until Christmas!

Cricut Kisses!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Not a creature was stirring...not even THIS MOUSE!

Here's a quick little project that makes perfect favors for a child's class Christmas (or holiday) party, since they really are non-denominational.  They are also adorable tree ornaments that you can double as small gifts for a child who's visiting.  I made them last year for my co-workers with candy cane pens instead of real candy ones.  The possibilities are endless for this quick and easy holiday craft!

Cartridges Used: George, TBBM

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


UPDATE:  now available in DS and Gypsy - Thank you to Austins_Mom from the Cricut message board for helping me convert it!

I finally got it done - well almost.  The files for Design Studio are online for download, and I finished the written tutorial and folding guide and posted it in pdf format so you can all print it out to follow along.  You will only need to use it once, and then I think you will have the hang of it.  Once you've done a couple, they fold up really fast!

Gypsy ladies, I can't get my software to convert it without crashing.  If you have Design Studio and would like to try to convert it for me, click on the link below to download, then convert it.  If you're successful, PLEASE email the gypsy file to me so I can upload it for others.  I promised to have it ready for you all today, and I feel SO bad!  I'm still working on it though! 

Cartridge: George
Explosion Purse Box for Design Studio

Enjoy and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't you just love FREE STUFF?!?!

I know we're not even through Thanksgiving yet, but I want to give you all a Christmas present!  If you don't know about yet, you need to check them out!  I'm a clipart junkie, and they have some gorgeous stuff.  Today I found 100 FREE CHRISTMAS WALLPAPERS for your computer. They have everything from vintage to cute, and the quality is outstanding!  I'm showing you just one "thumbnail" example here, but you really need to go to the site and take a look to really appreciate them. So, Merry Christmas from me a little early. (and Happy Thanksgiving, too) Enjoy! - Family Christmas Wallpapares

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SCAL Files Are Here!

I have had so many requests for my files in formats that can be used in SCAL, but unfortunately, the projects I design in Design Studio or Gypsy have to be totally redesigned in svg format for SCAL.  As of now, I have not done the same projects in SCAL. That said, I DO have a BUNCH of svg files online, and I have put a link to them here on my blog. Look over to the right, just under "The Legal Stuff."  See it there?  There is also a link to my Gypsy and DS libraries, so you won't have to search the archives to find out what I have available online.  In fact, I'll tell you a secret - there are files there I haven't even blogged about yet! 

Please feel free to download anything you find in my libraries, but as always, follow "the legal stuff."  Oh, and leave me a comment when you use one of my files so I FEEL THE LOVE!

And no, I haven't forgotten about the Exploding Purse Box (pictured below).  I'm working on the instruction sheet for folding and putting it together, and then I'll upload it. I should have it completed by tomorrow night or Thursday morning, then you'll still have a 3-day weekend to make some! 

Cricut Kisses!

UPDATED:  The SCAL Files button is now about halfway down the page, just before my blog list.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I did it! Mini Explosion Purse is a success!

After a very frustrating day of almost 12 hours trying to design yesterday in Design Studio, I FINALLY got the project finished that I really can't wait to share with you all.  My poor laptop is limping along with Windows Vista, awaiting the new 7.0 version and hoping that will fix all its ails!  DS kept shutting down on me, and I know it's my computer, because I don't have the same issues at work.  Anyway.....

I have finally completed and cut an adorable little Mini Explosion Purse Box.  I can't wait to use it for all the small gifts I give to my nieces.  It's perfect for jewelry, lipstick or other small makeup, or even a few Hershy's kisses.  I was so pleased with it last night that I kept playing with it, popping it open and closed.  Kids will love it!

If you want to get prepared ahead of time, you'll need some stick-on velcro dots for the closure, and some ribbon or cord for the handle (sized to fit through a standard hole punch and tied in a knot on the inside).  It's a small purse, so scraps of ribbon that are at least 10-12" should work.  You need the George cartridge and 12"x12" cardstock. Here's the "teaser" picture, but I need to make a tutorial for it because the folding is a little tricky until you understand how they go together.  I plan to post it mid-week, so check back or sign up to follow me, and look for it in time to make them over the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Cricut Kisses! Cindy

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Toblerone Box Finally Done!

I'm sorry I'm getting this posted so late, but we were involved with wedding activities all day yesterday, then I had major computer issues today, and I basically ended up redesigning this box because I LOST IT this morning when my computer "burped."  Anyway, I hope some of you will try it out and dress it up better than I did.  I wanted to at least do a quick one to give you the idea of the window which uses the "TO" from "Toblerone" to make this box look like a big gift tag that just happens to contain chocolate! 

The file offers you the option to use it with or without the window.  To include the window, cut the box first, then DO NOT hit "unload paper." Instead, hit "load paper" again, go to the page with the window, and cut! 

Please send me photos of your completed projects!  I can see it without the window dressed up with little winter scenes - trees, houses, etc. - to make a little diorama that's also a gift.  The angle of the triangle box makes it perfect for that! 

Gypsy ladies, I will get the gypsy file uploaded as soon as I can. I haven't been able to test it on the Gypsy yet.  I promise to get it on tonight!

Cartridge needed: George
Toblerone Box (with window option) for Design Studio
Toblerone Box (with window option) for Gypsy

Friday, November 20, 2009

Coming Soon!

Mystery Project Revealed

Has anybody guessed yet what my mystery candy is?  Well, it's one of my all-time favorites...TOBLERONE!  I suppose part of the draw is the unusual triangular shape. Great marketing, huh?  Anyway, I saw one yesterday and thought, "I can make that box," and I did - but with a cool little twist!  I completed and tested it last night, and all I have to do now is make a "real" one, dress it up and photograph it.  If you're out and about today, you might want to pick one up for tomorrow when I post the file.  Make sure you get the 100 gm/3.52 ounce size, then come back here tomorrow and get ready to have some fun with it!  And besides using it for Toblerone, it's a great little box for putting anything long and skinny in.  I know all you crafty guys and gals will find dozens of uses for it!  TTFN! See you tomorrow!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

You know you have an addiction when you're shopping and you see a box and think, "I could make one of those on my Cricut!"  So where was I?  In the candy aisle of Walgreen's.  (Shhh...don't tell anybody I was looking at candy!)  Anyway, I saw a candy that I love to give people at Christmas, sort of a candy bar, but in an unusual shape, and I thought, "I could dress that up with some Christmas cardstock and make a cute little gift."  Can you guess what candy I'm talking about?  Stay tuned to find out.  I have already started the design, and now I have to test cut, dress it up, and take pictures.  If all goes well, it will be this weekend's FREEBIE.  I think you're gonna like it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Light up your Christmas!

The modern tradition of luminaries comes from Mexico, brought to them by the Spaniards in the 16th century.  Ancient history suggests that luminaries lit the way for Mary and Joseph in their search for lodging in Bethlehem. In my neighborhood, we place them along the street every year on Christmas Eve to honor the tradition.

This year I decided to make my own and dress them up beyond the usual plain white paper bag.  I've cut the Star of Bethlehem into mine, but you can alter the basic bag pattern by deleting the star (or moving it off your mat) and replacing it with your own design for whatever occasion you're celebrating.

Don't stop with Christmas. These will make beautiful decorations for any occasion!  Use colored paper to make birthday luminaries, or illuminate the pathway for a newly married couple as they leave their wedding reception. Your imagination is the only limit!

Take CAUTION though:  since they're made of paper with a burning candle inside, they can be a fire hazard.  If you place them outside on the street, fill the bottom with sand first, then use a small tealight.  For indoor use, try the new battery operated tealights or votives to get the same effect with no danger!

Cartridges: George and Basic Shapes, Joys of the Season
Luminary File for Design Studio

Monday, November 16, 2009

Frosty the Snowman is in town!

I was pretty much stuck in bed all day yesterday with back issues, so I used the day to design for Cricut! It's never too early to start planning for Christmas, and I tweaked a few ideas that I had started on last year and never finished. Here's the first - my cute little Frosty the Snowman candy bar wrapper, and you only need the George cartridge to make him! He sure does dress up a plain old candy bar, huh? I plan to make these for my co-workers, but he would be perfect for your hairdresser, paper boy, mailman, nail tech...whoever you want to give just a little something to. If you use him, please leave me a comment and let me know how you like him! Enjoy!

Cartridge: George and Basic Shapes

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome to my new blog! I'm a crafter and former teacher, and I love sharing and exchangin ideas with fellow crafters, so I decided to get on the blogging bandwagon and do just that!

I'm a Cricut lover and own 2 Cricuts and the Gypsy. I've had my "bugs" for several years now and I love to create my own designs with Design Studio. I got really hooked when I taught myself how to design my own boxes for the many various handmade gifts I give. My husband calls me the Box Lady!

Two weeks ago, I received my new Gypsy and I've got the fever! And here she is! Gypsy has a new "dress" and "jewelry." I thought she needed a little bling, and it helps me keep my stylus from getting lost!

Stay tuned as I begin to post photos and files to share with my fellow Cricuteers!

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