Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome to my new blog! I'm a crafter and former teacher, and I love sharing and exchangin ideas with fellow crafters, so I decided to get on the blogging bandwagon and do just that!

I'm a Cricut lover and own 2 Cricuts and the Gypsy. I've had my "bugs" for several years now and I love to create my own designs with Design Studio. I got really hooked when I taught myself how to design my own boxes for the many various handmade gifts I give. My husband calls me the Box Lady!

Two weeks ago, I received my new Gypsy and I've got the fever! And here she is! Gypsy has a new "dress" and "jewelry." I thought she needed a little bling, and it helps me keep my stylus from getting lost!

Stay tuned as I begin to post photos and files to share with my fellow Cricuteers!


Wife2TJ said...

your G looks like mine! Love your little stylus holder. Have fun with her :-)

Suzanne Milam said...

Love your its attire...I have 2 cricuts like you and just got my gypsy...also, have the SCAL program...tell me why I really need the gypsy too...don't travel much...Thanks, suzanne

Cathy Temple said...

I love that you attached the stylus to the wrist strap, I am forever putting that sucker down and under stuff.

Cindy McVey said...

Suzanne, I didn't really NEED my Gypsy either, but then, I can say that about almost all my craft stuff! LOL! It's more about WANT, and lucky for me, I have a great DH who indulges me.

Cathy, I love it attached too, but I did put closure hooks on each end so that I can totally remove it on one or both ends - if I ever wanted to for some reason. So far I haven't unattached it.

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