Sunday, January 17, 2010

My first BLOG AWARD!

A dear new friend that I met on the Cricut message boards just a couple of months ago presented me with this, my very first blog award.  I just started this blog in November, and I couldn't be more flattered that Sheila from She's a Sassy Lady chose me for this award, because she does the most amazing scrapbook layouts and has such a great eye for design and colors.  Thank you, Sheila!

Part of the award process is that I have to list 10 things that knock my socks off, and then give the award to 3 other blogs.  The blogs I have chosen are:

Capadia Designs - I look forward to everything new that Diane does, and she has done some awesome videos!
Scrappin' Phlen wins my vote for the cuteness factor. She does adorable stuff!
Clever Someday is a site that's more about SCAL and SVG's. She has some really GREAT info there for converting images to be cut with Cricut.

Now for the 10 things that really blow me away:
My husband. He's SO smart and so good at what he does and ha has impressed engineers in the electrical power industry all over the world so much that he's in 2 international committees and travels all over the world.  But more importantly, he's been my partner for almost 35 years - since we were both 15 - and he not only treats me like a princess, but he totally supports my crafting habit! I'm very lucky to be married to my best friend.
My daughter, Taryn.  She knocks my socks off because she's such an amazing, giving and compassionate person.  She is beautiful inside and out, and she makes me proud of her every day.
My son. Ryan has had struggles all of his life, but he keeps on keepin' on, and he loves family.  I know he is a good soul because he has never met an animal that didn't like him.  I think animals have a 6th sense about people, so as much as they all love him, I know he will be OK in life.
My pets. I have three - 2 pomeranians and a calico cat.  They are part of the family, and they bring me joy and peace every day.
Service men and women. The selflessness displayed by those in the military amaze me every day. Anytime I see a person in uniform, I personally thank them. My wish is that everyone reading this will do the same from now on. They put their lives on the line every single day so that we are safe and free.
The ocean.  I am awed by it every time I go to the beach.
Disney World.  I have loved it since my first trip in 1972, and dozens and dozens of trips later, I still can't get enough of "the happiest place on earth."
Coach purses.  Ok, I have another addiction besides crafts.  Lucky for me, my daughter works for Coach, and lets me use her discounts!  Unlucky for me, I have run out of room for them in my closet, and my husband now says I have to get rid of one each time I buy a new one. He might as well ask me to give away one of my children!!
Anything with raspberries.  I love raspberries. Period.
And you knew I was gonna say CRICUT!  It's the greatest craft invention since glue! I love my Cricut!


Vanessa Hernandez said...


Thanks for recognizing the military members in your post. My husband's in the military and he's actually away right now. Even though, it's very difficult to be without him, I couldn't be more proud of my marine. Thanks, again. From a fellow Disney lover and Cricuteer.

lynn said...

congrats on your award, cindy!

Nicole said...

Ok, me again, CINDY! I knew there was something underlying there that made me like you... I LOVE ANYTHING RASPBERRIES, TOO!! From lotion to lollipops and cheesecake to chocolate, RASPBERRIES, OMG! HAHA, ok, I will stop stalking you now! LOL! xox Nicole

Diane said...

Thank you Cindy for the award. I so enjoy the way we all inspire each other. I will have to work on my list of things - it is so cold here right now I can't even think of having my socks off(!)

You have done a great job with your blog and your designs - it is all highly addictive (as I am sure you know already) and a lot of fun too!

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