Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today's New Gypsy Images

I didn't get too many new ones done last night, but listed below are a few, along with some updated ones.

I've had many emails asking how to unzip them and how to get them on to the Gypsy.  I'm  hoping to work on a video tutorial tonight that will lead you through the whole process, from downloading to viewing on your Gypsy.  I can't promise it will be posted today or even tomorrow, since my DH has been out of town and is coming home tonight, but I will have it online as soon as I possibly can, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, I might get a few more files uploaded if I have a slow day today.

I should also note that, if you are loading updated files to your Gypsy, the new files will overwrite the old ones, so you don't have to delete first.  Super easy!

Independence Day - UPDATED
Just Because Cards
Mini Monograms
Mother's Day - UPDATED
Stretch Your Imagination
Winter Woodland

Click here to download these and all the previously posted image files.


Amy said...

Thanks again!! I do know how to unzip them, but I am not sure how to upload them to my Gypsy. I look forward to your video. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you SOOOOOO much for doing this! This is exactly what I would have done myself, if I wasn't so lazy and computer illiterate! Thanks for sharing your hard work with everyone.


Peggy said...

I will look forward to the video. I was wondering how to get them to the Gypsy. I haven't had my Gypsy long so this video would be very helpful. Thanks for your work.


Leslie McGrath said...

Hi there!! I left a comment earlier in the week, but forgot to let you know how to contact me should I win the cart!! So, I am posting again to let you know I can't wait to see the video and to say thank you for all your hard work!!

Leslie McGrath

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